Thursday, August 6, 2009

'Hats to You'

I had a pretty awesome week! Still moving forward in residency.
Jahnavi, Rhada, and I have been working hard to get our dance/acrobatic piece together. We have given ourselves 1 month to have it done and then we will be debuting it in New York City. We had a rapid flow of creativeness today, made a ton of progress. Its pretty much choreographed, we just have to get the counts....we need the counts......dang counts.
Something new for me this week was working on back walkovers into handstand. Yah! I can stall it, and I can almost get my balance. I give it a week. Its nice to finally feel the mobility in my back working. Ahhhhh....

Here is a very small taster of whats to come....

I made a ton of progress on promo material this week, thanks to a lot of great friends, helping and pushing me..... Thank you......!!

My one very bad weakness came over me this week. I went shopping.
I found some very cool hats for my hat collection. They are from the 20s and 30s period.
Big score!! Super happy- I already sported the black hat.

I got more news today from Becky about the circus in Florida. Contracts are coming soon, and the pay went up! All great news. The dates are from mid October to mid December. I will be on the spanish web and my favorite part, I will ride the elephants during their act.
Looks like I will be 'show girling' it up in Florida. Guess I cant complain about that. Hee hee....

Till next week,

'Fly High and Walk Tall'