Thursday, July 30, 2009

Healing Time

Well its been another fun filled week of my life...
Lots of training and lots of healing.

I have been learning a bunch of new tricks. All ground tricks, which is AWESOME!
I am putting a new beginning to my latest fabric act. I am trying to incorporate my hand balancing into it.
I have felt a lot more mobile since I had my vacation. You know sometimes you feel stuck....
Lately, since I have NOT been OVER training, my body feels so much more free. Imagine that.....
Finally I have put a limit of working out on myself, and the results have really paid off so far. YAH!

I started physical therapy back this week for my neck. They stick me in 'the traction device' which makes me taller, so I hope anyway. :) They want me to buy one for my house, but I am afraid I will take advantage of it, since I am only 5ft 1 inch tall and I should be at least 5ft 4 inch. RIGHT?
I had one of the best massages this week. My good friend Rhadha blessed me with her healing hands. She could then understand why I complain of certain areas of my body. I have been re cooperating from my deep tissue massage and taking Epsom salt baths and icing as much as I can. I hate injuries. Chronic ones at that! Some day there will be no pain!!

My car has been trying to heal this week too. Or maybe get sick? One of the two, its been giving me fits. Twice now I went out to start it and it acted as if the battery was dead. Although it wasn't.
Its been playing tricks on me. I guess it learned a few this week as well.

I have been so lucky as to spend lots of time with my boys. I have been home quite a bit this week and have enjoyed every bit of it. Koda has been a little clingy which those of you who know him, this is very odd. But not unlike him really, after all he is a cuddly bear.

This concludes my week.

Fly High and Walk Tall!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Creative Breakthrough

Today was a great training day! I was working on transitions into tricks, mostly hand balancing skills. I am putting a modern movement/hand balancing act together. Possibly using a prop or two or three. 'It can be tricky'
All in the creating zone.
I have yet to set a goal date.
It has been empowering to have creative breakthroughs. Not to mention the breakthroughs in flexibility of my back and pure control over certain transitional movements in hand balancing. I can do a pirouette on my hands now too. I love it, all these new breakthroughs.
'The fool leaps forward'!
I started a new jazz class today. The instructor is amazing and exactly the style that I was hoping for. This has brought me great enthusiasm to create and am excited to see what comes of the instruction.

As for life at home-
I have been soaking it up. Every moment that I have at home is very preciously spent. Today, I went out side, contact juggled and watched the dogs play with each other. It was actually warm enough and I didn't feel like I was being attacked by bugs.

I have been trying to get computer work done, but a virus has been slowing me down. :(
Tomorrow I start my regular workout at the gym before training. I have been super lazy about doing it these last 2 weeks. Got to get back at it.....

Flying High and Walking Tall

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back at Training

Well I am back training in Brattleboro. The residency program trains in the NEYT Theater down the road from the Training Center. I have a designated spot for my training, makes it a bit more reliable and predictable of my day.
I was actually sore this morning! Yah.....Must have been all of the back flexibility work I did yesterday.
The sky is blue as can be. I was wondering if once I left dreary New York if things would shape up once I got to the "Green State". Good 'ol' Vermont didn't let me down. Hopefully we are finally in the months of summer.
I am still working on my website and contueing on promo material. It has been a long haul but I am chisleling away.



I am back from playing pirate. It was a delight to have met Becky Ostroff, one of the great traditional circus performers of this time.
My experience working with divers was quit an interesting one. Ahhhh, how it is to be 18. I couldn't keep up if I tried. I figured beauty sleep and proper body care was in my favor.
The first day I got there, I ripped my hands. Oh yeah, on the infamous pull overs. The worst I have ever done. That's what 3 weeks off a bar will do to you. I had to make a nice glove for both of my hands for about a week or so. Becky and I both were always going to the store to get bandages. Between her broken nose and my ripped hands we were a site to see.
Because Becky has been around the block with many traditional circus's, I was honored to have met some of the members of the Cole Brothers Circus as well as the Kelly Miller Circus. While in New York we took full advantage of seeing the circus's. It was a blast to see behind the scenes of both and to talk old circus with people that where born in to it. My favorite part was getting 101 with the elephant master of the Cole Brothers. Elephants are very fascinating. I had know idea that they were pregnant for 2 years! 2 years! Wow!!
We hung with the Kelly Miller Circus a few times, saw the show, and had fun watching the big top being torn down as we BBQed it up at the end of the evening. Props to the guys that deal with the tent! Hard work......
We were able to give back and invite some members to Great Escapes for the day. I was able to talk with Steve and find how interesting and funny he is. Its always great to meet awesome people.
Now I am back in Brattleboro.....gigging and training.....I am so happy to see my two bears! (Grizzly and Koda)
Fly High and Walk Tall