Monday, July 20, 2009

Creative Breakthrough

Today was a great training day! I was working on transitions into tricks, mostly hand balancing skills. I am putting a modern movement/hand balancing act together. Possibly using a prop or two or three. 'It can be tricky'
All in the creating zone.
I have yet to set a goal date.
It has been empowering to have creative breakthroughs. Not to mention the breakthroughs in flexibility of my back and pure control over certain transitional movements in hand balancing. I can do a pirouette on my hands now too. I love it, all these new breakthroughs.
'The fool leaps forward'!
I started a new jazz class today. The instructor is amazing and exactly the style that I was hoping for. This has brought me great enthusiasm to create and am excited to see what comes of the instruction.

As for life at home-
I have been soaking it up. Every moment that I have at home is very preciously spent. Today, I went out side, contact juggled and watched the dogs play with each other. It was actually warm enough and I didn't feel like I was being attacked by bugs.

I have been trying to get computer work done, but a virus has been slowing me down. :(
Tomorrow I start my regular workout at the gym before training. I have been super lazy about doing it these last 2 weeks. Got to get back at it.....

Flying High and Walking Tall

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