Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trainin' down the road

Its been 3 weeks of Ringling adventures.  I have to say its been really nice traveling by train.  Its very easy to be lazy and sleep all the time. This last train run I learned a nice lesson...NOT to sleep the whole time, otherwise my body suffers and HURTS!   

Last week we were in the beautiful city of San Antonio.  I have lots of childhood memories visiting the Alamo and walking the River Walk.  It has been  nice being back in Texas after 10 years!  I was lucky enough to see some family and see a long lost friend.   It was also the city where I debuted my performance with Ringling!  Lets not forget my birthday!!  Needless to say it was a very long, busy, and FUN week!

                                          River Walk                                      

                      My Uncle Steve being the clown that he is!

                                     Elephant Act Costume

        Now we have arrived in New Orleans.  A city that I have longed to meet.  I was able to start a normal schedule this week without any distractions.  Well, without many distractions. Its very easy to become a 'tourist' every where you go...staying focused is now a job.

The last two days it was either, stay in the train all day or take my chances of walking in the rain.  Duh, I took my chances...It rained off and on, and I was lucky to be caught in the warmth of it.  Like kids playing in the rain.

                                     New Orleans Arena

                                      Before the Rain

                                         After the Rain

That's it for now folks!

Fly High and Walk Tall...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A New Chapter

Hello my friends and family.  It has been sometime since I have taken the time to write about my crazy life adventures. 

Once I was done with my  fall tour I  went home for Christmas.  It wasn't till the end of December that I had to boogie back to New England for a New Year gig at the Mohegan Sun Casino.  I continued to gig and train in New England until my next contract came through which happens to be Ringling Brothers. 

I was lucky enough to be able  to spend the last 3 weeks at home in Texas with my family.  It was a blessing since it was time for my grandfather to pass away.  He had a stroke the day after I arrived.  The stroke left him lifeless and 10 days later he passed.  I am grateful  for being available to join my family in a mournful time and to see my papa for the last time.

Now its show time!

I flew in to Wichita Kansas to meet up with the Red Unit and the train.    The train is awesome!! I have a very roomy space to live all by myself! Super stoked about that.  I was able to get situated and get everything I need to be comfortable.  I have been quit relaxed and everyone in the cast considers me family already.  I believe this is the start of a wonderful, fun, and exciting journey. 

I start learning the show today.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will be put in the show!
Wish me luck peeps!

*Fly High and Walk Tall *

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Rolling Good Times Part 3

Walking the snakes.

Selling Tickets.

Mr. Loomis!

Elephant Dance.

The Rolling Good Times Part 2

Me and Mr. Loomis

Styling it up!

Chiffon Action...

Melted Tights from the Chiffon.

Patching to make it through the night.

Staying warm.

The Rolling Good Times

Ahhhh, Sunshine and water!

Me and Irene enjoying the day off.

The poles were lost so Becky went hunting for them.

Alabama cotton and a little bit of forgiveness.

Aerial Abby, Mr. Loomis, Becky

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Loomis Fun!

We have had a lot of fun here on the circus.
Right now we are in Bushnell Florida which is the winter quarters for the circus. Its been a great time playing for the public who know the circus well. We have been fortunate enough to have great crowds most of the tour. It keeps your spirit up and the hands green.

The other night we celebrated Leo the Clowns birthday. We were in the great historic town of St. Augustine and ran the town. There was a local band that some of the performers new well so of course we went dancing. They were a blast and very personable. They talked the circus up and promoted it at the bar. Very nice to have the exposure any time you can get it.
Fernando got up and sang La Bamba, Leo got up and danced, it was hilarious!

My friend Justin Loomis surprised me by taking me in style... in a limousine! He and I tore the town up. We sat back and enjoyed the ride. It is wonderful to be waited on every now and then.
That's how Loomis roles!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Ohhhh, its been a long journey already. There has been a lot of action and excitement in a short period. We have been all over Florida and parts of Georgia and Alabama. Soon we will head back down to the southern part of Florida. Yah, more warmth! There have been some really cold nights and being in unitards and spandex is brutal. The beginning of the tour, there was awefull humidity. Super humid! Working on the chiffon was a 'sticky' mess. I guess its better then being slippery. Its very exhausting working with the heat and extreme humidity., has there been drama. Cant talk about it all but....
We had 4 showgirls which all looked great...but not everyone is cut out for the circus touring life.
Becky and I have had our ups and down. You know its a true friend when you fight and can make up. We are living in very close quarters.
Because she is leaving for a week to go to Evansville, the show made me my own living space. It has a kitchen and a shower!!! Super excited!

My time here has been very occupied with travel and performance. There isn't a lot of time for rehearsing, running or flexibility stretching like I would like. I am very limited on sleep. Any two day stand, we like to hang out and enjoy every ones company, which sometimes ends up being very very long nights.

I have many jobs on the circus which includes all kinds of trades. I sell tickets before each show. I even help with set up and tear down and I drive a truck and trailer for my boss. The extra jobs keep me busy and RICH! HAAAA...