Thursday, November 12, 2009


Ohhhh, its been a long journey already. There has been a lot of action and excitement in a short period. We have been all over Florida and parts of Georgia and Alabama. Soon we will head back down to the southern part of Florida. Yah, more warmth! There have been some really cold nights and being in unitards and spandex is brutal. The beginning of the tour, there was awefull humidity. Super humid! Working on the chiffon was a 'sticky' mess. I guess its better then being slippery. Its very exhausting working with the heat and extreme humidity., has there been drama. Cant talk about it all but....
We had 4 showgirls which all looked great...but not everyone is cut out for the circus touring life.
Becky and I have had our ups and down. You know its a true friend when you fight and can make up. We are living in very close quarters.
Because she is leaving for a week to go to Evansville, the show made me my own living space. It has a kitchen and a shower!!! Super excited!

My time here has been very occupied with travel and performance. There isn't a lot of time for rehearsing, running or flexibility stretching like I would like. I am very limited on sleep. Any two day stand, we like to hang out and enjoy every ones company, which sometimes ends up being very very long nights.

I have many jobs on the circus which includes all kinds of trades. I sell tickets before each show. I even help with set up and tear down and I drive a truck and trailer for my boss. The extra jobs keep me busy and RICH! HAAAA...

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  1. WOW! I hope you get some rest soon! And the humidity is HORRIBLE!! We lived in Houston for 2 years and I wanted to die everytime I walked I can't even imagine how bad it is in Florida...ugh...
    --Billie Lynn