Thursday, November 19, 2009

Loomis Fun!

We have had a lot of fun here on the circus.
Right now we are in Bushnell Florida which is the winter quarters for the circus. Its been a great time playing for the public who know the circus well. We have been fortunate enough to have great crowds most of the tour. It keeps your spirit up and the hands green.

The other night we celebrated Leo the Clowns birthday. We were in the great historic town of St. Augustine and ran the town. There was a local band that some of the performers new well so of course we went dancing. They were a blast and very personable. They talked the circus up and promoted it at the bar. Very nice to have the exposure any time you can get it.
Fernando got up and sang La Bamba, Leo got up and danced, it was hilarious!

My friend Justin Loomis surprised me by taking me in style... in a limousine! He and I tore the town up. We sat back and enjoyed the ride. It is wonderful to be waited on every now and then.
That's how Loomis roles!

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