Saturday, October 24, 2009


Florida bound it is!

Once I arrived in Florida, of course, the first thing we did was go to the beach!! Becky and I took her daughter Fresia to have a fun day before we had to head north for the tour. It was over 90 degrees in Florida which is a huge difference from Vermont and coming across the country.
It was great to see the ocean again and enjoy the wonderful weather since I seem to always be stuck where it snows. Great change of pace.

We got the trailer ready and organized and I had to get a new swivel and junk like took us a while to hit the road to meet up with the team.

We all finally made it and as soon as we got to the lot, rigging rigging rigging!! The rigging was insane!

We learned two acts in about an hour and then performed. It took all day for the riggers to rig, hince only an hour of practice.

The first couple days was pretty crazy getting everything kinda together and situated. There are two shows a day and hardly anytime to develop or practice my other acts. But I am performing my fabric act, a web act and the elephant dance, I am ok with that. Most of the dates are two day stands which makes it easier to go to the store, and easier on our bodies.

There are some incredible people that I am working with like Gabriella and Robert Zerbini, Leo the Clown, The Amazing Sladek, Rebecca Ostroff, Brian Franzen, and many more. Its a pleasure working with some of the greatest traditional circus artist.

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