Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leaving VT

Wow- its been a while...

I have one more week here in Brattleboro VT. First stop Texas, second stop Florida to work with the Loomis Brothers Circus.
Leaving Vt just in time for the cold weather. Thank goodness for that!!

Earlier this month I debuted 3 new acts... yes 3! I thought my life was going to slow down a little after the shows were over but it only sped up. You can check the acts out at

I have been extremely busy with training, dance rehearsals, packing, and not to mention my wonderful trip to Chicago!
I had a wonderful time visiting the Kelly Miller Circus and seeing friends. Its always a joy to be around my clown!! :)
Becky Ostroff is on the show, displaying her beautiful self. I was finally able to see her in action with out pirate wear~! Her swinging trapeze act was very beautifull and it makes me want to train swinging trap.
Its going to be a blast working with her on the Loomis Bro. Circus!!

As for now my schedule is jam packed until I leave on the 2nd. I am mostly packed and I am not looking forward to the across country drive.

My website is mostly finished. YAH!!!
check it out.

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